Every Superhero Starts with an Origin Story.

And every good hero deserves a team – The Justice League, The Avengers, The Teen Titans, The X-Men. You are hereby offered an invitation to join The Super Squad.

Superpowers Sold Separately is fitness for nerds, by nerds. No matter where you are in your journey, no matter how you workout, no matter what you’re goals are, we are here to help you develop your power.

What do we believe at Superpowers Sold Separately?


We have the ability to fight for a better future

Every step towards healthy habits now, is a step towards a stronger tomorrow.

No one will hand us our powers

There is no shortcut, no radioactive spider or gamma radiation. Our power comes from within us, so no one can take it away.

A Superteam requires diversity

A Superteam can’t function if everyone has the same power.
Fit looks different on everyone. We are trying to be the best version of ourselves, not trying to be somebody else.

The squad has your back

No matter who you are, what your ability, or where you are in your journey – you are not alone.

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