Ray “Raybeam” Ruzzo


I became a NASM certified personal trainer and online fitness coach because they wanted to help people who’ve struggled along the road to getting in shape.

As a convention-going, cosplaying, certified nerd, I draw my fitness inspiration from comic books, science fiction, and video games. My mission is to help nerds and geeks of all stripes to tap into their passion and use it to fuel their own fitness transformation — higher, further, faster, baby!

Not a nerd? Not a problem! I work with everyone who wants to become a healthier, happier, more confident version of themselves.

Outside of Superpowers Sold Separately, I am a co-executive producer and voice of Gwen Allen on the podcast Geek by Night. I am an avid Spartan racer and completed my first Trifecta in 2018. My 2019 goals took a detour after needing surgery for hip impingement and a labrum tear. I’m also the guardian of two very sweet adopted cats — one of whom may actually be an alien squeaky toy.

I’m looking forward to getting to work with you!

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