What Are You Made Of? – Body Composition

Several metal panels peek out of the museum floor. “Your Weight On the Moon” proclaims one. You remember of the footage of astronauts hopping effortlessly on the lunar landscape. Other bear the labels “Your Weight On Jupiter” and “Your Weight on the Sun,” each scale tweaked to show the effects ... Read More

Macro Profile – Carbohydrates

If you start hearing the Imperial March from Star Wars when people bring up carbs, you’re not alone. Carbohydrates seem to be our culture’s current nutritional demon, taking a sharp turn away from saturated fats. The proliferation of low-carb and ketogenic diets has made eating carbs seem like turning to ... Read More

Macro Profile – Fats

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, dietary fat was painted to be a villain. But, when you start to dig into the history of dietary fats and nutrition recommendations what you get sounds more like a juicy political thriller than science. Let’s dig into a little bit about ... Read More
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