Movie trolls are like Thanos — Captain Marvel is here to take you down.

I started reading Marvel comics after the first Avengers film, and have been playing catch up ever since. The first series I followed from Issue 1 was Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run of Captain Marvel. I was in love with this “funny like your uncle” ace pilot from Day 1, which meant that I had a lot of hopes pinned on this movie.

It did not disappoint.

Despite targeted attacks that started well before the film’s release Marvel Studios’ first female-led film is on track to smash March opening records. And rightfully so. Captain Marvel blends genres, twists expectations, and balances humor and pathos in the first origin story since Doctor Strange.

(Black Panther and Spider-man both received on-screen introductions prior to their solo movies.)

Captain Marvel (2019)

Starting off with Guardians of the Galaxy level sci-fi gloss, the movie introduces us to Vers, a quippy Kree soldier who doesn’t seem to fit quite right with the rest of her kind. Vers has lost her memories of her childhood, having survived an attack from the Kree’s greatest enemies: The Skrulls.

Despite her commander’s concerns about controlling both her emotions and her powers, she joins him in the field for a stealth mission on a distant planet. After being ambushed by the Skrulls, Vers crashes on Planet C-53. We know it as Earth.

Vers partners up with Nick Fury to stop the Skrull infiltration of the planet, and in the process uncovers buried secrets about her past and the Kree. Her world is upended when she learns that she’s a human pilot whose name is Carol Danvers.

I admit that I was skeptical about Brie Larson’s casting at first, but Marvel hadn’t let me down yet. Her performance brought Carol with all of her dad-joke snark and none of her patience for bullshit right from the page to the screen. Her affable chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson lets the two of them shine — both as an unlikely set of partners, and in their own right.

Nick Fury is peak Cat Dad, folks.

I’ve seen Carol’s origin story played out multiple times — read the original story from 1968, watched the animated version in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and seen flashbacks to the tale in more recent comic arcs. The movie manages to make some modern tweaks to the story, while still being honest to the major players in Carol’s life.

One of my favorite adaptations was the movie’s inclusion of Monica Rambeau. Now known as Photon, she was the first female published character to be known as Captain Marvel. Despite my initial confusion about this child-version of Monica, she managed to fill the role of Lieutenant Trouble in Carol’s life — a young friend of Carol’s who makes it her role to teach her about her past following catastrophic memory loss.

The movie makes amazing use of the enemy aliens, the Skrulls. Those who follow comics were certain they were setting up for a “Secret Invasion”-type storyline; but the makers of the film took the road less traveled. No spoilers in this review, but these are the kind of antagonists that give you a lot to think about once you leave the theatre.

I still don’t think Captain Marvel has claimed the top spot on my MCU list — Captain America: The Winter Soldier, your status is safe for now. But this film solidly shares footing with Black Panther in terms of writing, message, and the type of love you know went into making it.

The main message of Captain Marvel is one I always want to pass on to my clients. No one gives you your power, you make it yourself.

9/10. Already have tickets to see it again.

Higher Further Faster Workout

In honor of our Captain’s favorite saying, I’ve put together a Tabata workout in honor of Carol Danvers. For those who don’t know, Tabata workouts are short duration high intensity workouts. For 20 seconds you push as hard as you can, rest for 10 seconds, and then go again.

8 rounds of Tabata is 4 minutes of maximal work. This primes the muscles to react faster, contract harder, and generate more power–letting you go higher, faster, further, baby.

20 Seconds Box Jump. 10 seconds rest.

20 Seconds Flying Step Up. 10 seconds rest

20 Seconds Burpee. 10 seconds rest.

20 Seconds Star Jump. 10 seconds rest.

Repeat the set.

Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? Are you planning to? What do you think of the workout? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share with a friend!


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