Energy Projection: Nutrition

5 Fat Loss Myths Sabotaging Your Progress

What am I doing wrong? Anyone who has struggled to lose weight knows this thought.   You do your best to eat healthy while your friend seems to live on junk food. Or, somehow, even though you eat the same, your friend never seems to gain any weight. You start ... Read More

Broken Intuition – Intuitive Eating

Listen to your body, it is the product of thousands of years of evolution. It knows what it needs. Honor your cues about hunger and satiety. This is the typical jargon you hear when you start looking into Intuitive Eating. Take a look around at some of the gurus and ... Read More

100 Calories of Bricks vs. 100 Calories of Feathers

Wanna know what makes me Hulk out? If you don’t know what CICO is, it’s an acronym meaning Calories In – Calories Out. And it definitely isn’t “a diet”. It is the first law of thermodynamics – matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. As ... Read More
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