5 Secrets From Superhero Personal Trainers

If you’ve ever gone to a Marvel movie, you know there’s something special waiting for you at the end of the credits. But the credits aren’t just a test of your patience, they acknowledge everyone who made the movie happen. Everyone down to the dialect coaches, caterers, security team, and ... Read More

A Newbie’s Guide to the Gym

I’ve been seeing these memes on Instagram and they need to stop. Yes, January 1st brings the New Years Resolutioners out in force, and eventually people stop coming. No one likes an overcrowded gym, but think about what that drop off really means. People who genuinely wanted to make a ... Read More

Holiday Season Healthy Habits Survival Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or the worst, if you’re working on healthy habits. Basically as soon as the clock struck midnight on Halloween, every pumpkin turned into a Christmas tree. (Super awkward if you’re Jewish, like me.) We are at Def-Con Holiday and it’s not ending ... Read More
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