Use The Force (to destroy Diet Culture)

When I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I left the theatre feeling like glitter had exploded inside of me. A powerful, child-like awe had consumed me with a single, joyous determination: “I want to be like Rey when I grow up!” This must have been how a whole generation ... Read More

100 Calories of Bricks vs. 100 Calories of Feathers

Wanna know what makes me Hulk out? If you don’t know what CICO is, it’s an acronym meaning Calories In – Calories Out. And it definitely isn’t “a diet”. It is the first law of thermodynamics – matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. As ... Read More

Motivation vs. Inspiration

Ever shaken off your champagne hangover on January 1st motivated to Do It This Time™? You drag yourself to the gym and find it packed with other Resolutioners doing the exact same thing. So, what does that exact same gym look like on February 19th? 1% Inspiration 99% Perspiration Edison ... Read More

How to Fight Back when Depression is Kicking Your Ass

Don’t you just love the one-two punch of depression making you not want to do anything and anxiety making you obsess about the things you’re not doing?   Science shows that thirty minutes of exercise three times a week is an effective tool in managing depression and anxiety. (Source, Another Source, Another ... Read More
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