Back in August I signed up for a DietBet challenge. I bet $25 a month for six months that I could lose 10% of my body weight in that time. I mean, I was planning on losing the weight anyway, why not win some money at the same time? Well today is the last day and I smashed my goals! So, I’m finally caving and buying my favorite piece of fitness equipment for home — a TRX system.


Pop Quiz!


Raise your hand if you don’t want to look like Wonder Woman or Green Arrow. No one?

That’s what I thought. Apparently, the one piece of fitness gear I’ve been coveting for so long is one of the tools Gal Gadot used in getting herself in shape for Wonder Woman. Let’s just put that in the pro column, even though I was planning on getting one, anyway.

The TRX (Total Body Resistance eXercise) System, is a form of suspension training that uses your body weight to create the resistance for your workouts. The creator, Randy Hetrick, made the first TRX out of a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing in the 90s so he could have a versatile, transportable way to stay in shape. The system’s come a long way since then, but it is the best piece of workout equipment around.

1. It works for all ability levels.

While some of the videos and pictures of people working out with the TRX may seem intense, the TRX can be used by beginners and experienced athletes alike. It even played a featured role in my ACL recovery! I started off using it to support my body while I did squats, then moved on to lunges and pistol squats. Now I’m regularly squatting at least 95 lbs when I hit the barbells at the gym.

The TRX is also an incredible workout tool for wheelchair users to build their upper bodies and their core! It can open up a wide variety of workout to people who may otherwise feel left out from the fitness world. Check out this awesome video from the High Fives Foundation — a non-profit organization that assists athletes with life-altering injuries.

2. It will work your whole body.

If you do a quick search on pinterest or google images you’ll find plenty of printables showing short workouts. But you don’t even need to look that far.  Stack52 put together an entire periodic table of exercises that can be done on the TRX! Over 100 exercises in total! Broken down by part of the body that they focus on and ranging from easy to hard. Look at this and think about all the equipment you would need in order to get the same benefits out of a single TRX set up!

For those of us with balance issues, the support provided by the TRX allows you to work through a greater range of motion. That means working the entire length of the muscle and helping your flexibility.

3. Abs abs abs!

Even if you are not doing a specific core workout on the TRX set up, the majority of the moves you will do on it require you to engage your core to stabilize yourself and protect your lower back. This makes basically any exercise you do on the TRX double duty?

Focusing on biceps? Core workout. Triceps? Core workout. Quads? Core workout.

All those micro muscle engagements mean your body is going to be working harder, your heart is going to need to pump more blood to those muscles, and you will get an all-around better workout. Hetrick himself said that the TRX is really popular among the yoga and pilates crowd, but athletes of all strokes can benefit from this style of training. Runners, cyclists, soccer players, and, yes, even power lifters and other assorted superheroes.


Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards doing a TRX workout

4. It costs way less than a home gym

What sounds better?

A home gym system that requires intensive set up, cannot be transported, and costs up to $2500?

Or a home gym system that is easily mounted to your wall or over a door, can be taken anywhere, and costs a fraction of the price?

The cost of a home gym varies wildly depending on what you want to include. The absolute cheapest home gym station I could find was about $300 on Amazon. It gave you the set up for a chest press, a lat pulldown, a leg extension, and a cable to maybe get in some bicep or tricep work. The entire rig weighed about 130 lbs and was incredibly limited in portability and versatility. And that was the least expensive option. There were similar home gym machines like those which ran up to $900 or more.

You can get the TRX Go from Amazon for $99. But I’m putting my order in on the TRX Home2 from their website. It’s got a more durable construction and it comes with a free year-long subscription to the TRX app.


5. It’s Fun

If I’m in a gym with a TRX, even if it’s not on my list of exercises for the day, I have to throw something into the routine! Even if it’s just a few rows or squats, I feel like a kid playing with my favorite toy. Having one in my house means I have no excuse not to bust out a few reps while I’m watching TV or first thing in the morning before I get dressed.

Got a TRX in your gym? Here’s an awesome superhero themed workout from TRX including Wonder Woman Flys, Spiderman Crunches, and Wolverine Lunges.


Watch out, Wonder Woman physique, here I come.

Are you going to join me in getting TRX ripped?

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