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Feel More Super

Twelve weeks. One team. Your goal.

Feel More Super provides more than a workout plan. Join your fellow heroes in training on a dedicated Discord server and, together, you’ll turn the next 90 days into a transformative experience. Weekly challenges, habit coaching, and nutrition advice set you up for long-term success, while geeking out in the chat channel will build accountability alliances. All for less than a cup of coffee a day.




Archetype Workout Series

Superpowers Sold Separately has launched our first workout programs, for less than $10 each.

    • Origin Story – No gym needed, resistance bands and bodyweight for absolute beginners.
    • Shapeshifter – Muscle gain, 4 day split. Gym membership recommended.
    • Legendary – Strength gain, 3 major lifts with accessory exercises, and mobility day.
    • Speedster – HIIT & Plyo Training with weekly benchmark testing.



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Spartan Race, Inc.
The Color Run Love Tour 2019

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