Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You seem to keep losing and gaining the same 10-20 pounds.
  • You’ve gone on a very strict diet, managed to lose some weight, and gained it all back afterwards.
  • You don’t want to go on a diet because you don’t want to give up your favorite foods.
  • You worry that you’re eating too little and ending up in “Starvation Mode.”
  • You’re doing everything right but the scale isn’t moving.
  • You eat all the right/healthy foods but still don’t see results.
  • You’re feeling trapped by your genetics. You worry you’re doomed to be overweight forever.

Getting into shape can be one of the hardest journeys in your life. Staying out of shape can be one of the hardest situations to live in. I know, because I’ve lived this journey. Now, I want to help other people learn from the mistakes that I’ve made.

I first started to struggle with my weight about the time I realized the internet existed — I went from being an active child to a sedentary teenager very quickly. I went on Weight Watchers for the first time when I was 16 years old. And it didn’t stop there — I gained fifty pounds quickly when I started college, and slowly lost it after graduation and moving back home. Then I slowly put it on again over a five year span of time once I’d moved out on my own.

I almost started to believe in the myth of the “set point”. I thought I was doomed to be fat forever.

Until I put the dots together and realized that every time I had succeeded, I had a support system — my mother. I realized I ate too much when I was stressed. …and in social situations, and when I had a bad day, and when I was bored. I started to piece together these obstacles so that I could plan for how to overcome them.

Now, you can benefit from my journey with Level Up Your Life — my first eBook!

Inside you can find all the lessons I learned by repeatedly running into walls (not literally). Empower yourself so that you don’t fall prey to outside scammers who want to profit off a failed journey or your own internal stumbling blocks and habits.


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