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Look, I know that the nerd world and the fitness world don’t always go hand in hand. I can’t always ramble about comic books with the people at the gym. Not all of my convention-going friends are going to be excited discussing the finer points of Clean & Jerk technique. But when the two worlds combine, it is often sparks this reaction.

It was no different today when I got an email announcing a new Star Wars line of fitness equipment!

Onnit hit my radar a few years ago when they released a line of Marvel fitness equipment that is absolutely to die for.

How I imagine my snatches will look with Onnit’s Captain America Plates

But, as you know, Solo hit theatres last weekend and Onnit is definitely getting on the Star Wars celebration train. Their equipment is definitely worth a check out!


A bounty hunter, an Imperial Stormtrooper, and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, these three loathsome figures have been meticulously sculpted and cast in dark black iron to strike fear into the hearts of all in their presence. You will never find a more wretched group of scum and villainy in any gym.

The Darth Vader bell clocks in at 70 lbs, the Stormtrooper at 60 lbs, and Boba Fett is 50 lbs. I wonder what an Imperial Kettlebell Swing would look like?

Yoga Mat

We know, you love this yoga mat.
Han Solo, quite literally the coolest guy in the galaxy, frozen forever in carbonite….now on a yoga mat. This iconic image of everyone’s favorite scoundrel has been printed using a special process that allows for high-resolution imagery without compromising the integrity of the mat’s grip. Take home the ultimate bounty, flawlessly represented as Jabba the Hut’s favorite palace decoration.

The mat is incredibly high quality polyurethane rubber, and moisture-absorbant for a non-slip yoga experience.


Slam Ball

That’s no moon …… but it’s no medicine ball either.
A slam ball is a weighted fitness ball which can be used in a variety of exercises aimed at increasing explosive power and speed. Great for traditional medicine ball movements like overhead slams and squats, as well as more modern uses like wall ball training. The constant dropping, throwing, and slamming a traditional medicine ball suffers inevitably takes a toll on the ball itself. The Death Star Slam ball is made of incredibly strong and dense polyurethane rubber, giving it supreme defense against any rebel attack. The Death Star Slam Ball is truly a technical terror that has been constructed with no weaknesses (that we know of).

Just don’t blow up Alderaan while you’re working on your ball slams!

Shop The Onnit Star Wars Collection

Like any good gym equipment, these pieces are on the pricey side. Still, it doesn’t hurt to aspire to greater geeky things!

Let me know in the comments which of these you like the best!

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