Superpowers Sold Separately is here to help nerds, geeks, and weirdos of all stripes to use their passions to fuel their fitness.

Fans are some of the most dedicated people in the world. Whether they are fic writers, craft makers, collectors, or convention goers, fans have an energy burns brighter than the sun. Which is exactly the kind of drive needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the most you’re going to get from a spider-bite is a trip to the hospital. There’s no shortcut to strength, stamina, and stability. But you’ve found the right place.

Fitness and health is something everyone can work towards, and no one can perfect. It is a lifelong, incredible journey and we’re all looking to gather a party for the trek. Superpowers Sold Separately is working to bring together diverse, amazing people to help them tap into their own inner strength and work on their own hero’s journey.

We strive to be an inclusive, progressive environment and do not tolerate discrimination against anyone based on their ethnicity, sex, country of origin, ability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We, also, do not tolerate hateful bigots.

Thor, surveying the junkyard on Sakaar

Me, looking for fitness information online.

So many coaches and gurus out there have you believing you need to eat “clean,” eat for your body type, eat for your blood type, eat no carbs, eat no fat, eat breakfast every day, never eat breakfast, on and on and on.

Superpowers Sold Separately is based on a very simple notion: there is no one method that is going to work for everyone.

The Avengers can’t function if everyone is Captain America.

The Justice League won’t work if everyone is The Flash.

You’re not going to live your superhero life trying to stick to an exercise and eating plan that you hate.

Superpowers Sold Separately is here to be your utility belt – providing the facts behind fitness, information on eating styles, guidelines for self-care, and a heaping dose of geeky inspiration.

About Ray ‘Ray Beam’ Ruzzo

Mild Mannered Office Worker by Day, Superhero in Training at Night

I started struggling with my weight around the same time I discovered the internet existed.
At age twelve, I discovered that there were people on the internet *GASP* who shared my interests *DOUBLE GASP*. My life shifted into one of running around outside, to one of letting my imagination run free on the world wide web.
Let’s face it, when you’re a geeky preteen without a lot of friends in school, a digital world full of people just as passionate as you are is a comforting place.
In the end, that passion is what got me out of my sedentary lifestyle, too. My love of science fiction and comic book heroes sparked something in me that has never let me down — a desire to be strong; a desire to save myself from my own bad habits; a desire to be my own hero and make my own superpowers.
However, I don’t spend hours in the gym every day. I don’t live on bird seed and supplements. I work an office job and I eat out with family and friends. I’ve had ACL reconstruction surgery, and I take antidepressants. None of these things stopped me from battling my way to a healthy weight, and increasing my endurance, strength, and flexibility; and they don’t have to stop you either.
So I have only one question for you:

Are you ready to make your own superpowers?

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