Macro Profile – Protein

The word protein alone conjures up images of muscle-bound gym-bros tossing back shaker-bottles full of chalky powder after grunting their way through a set. Whether you’re a long-term lifter looking for the gains, a fitness newbie worried about getting too bulky, or a busy working mom who just wants to ... Read More

5 Fat Loss Myths Sabotaging Your Progress

What am I doing wrong? Anyone who has struggled to lose weight knows this thought.   You do your best to eat healthy while your friend seems to live on junk food. Or, somehow, even though you eat the same, your friend never seems to gain any weight. You start ... Read More

Stop Sabotaging your Goals Once and for All!

It’s half-way through January. How are your resolutions doing? Still going strong or is your stride starting to stumble? Maybe you were a little bit ambitious swearing off all sweets! Or the gym schedule you set was a little too intense. Change is hard, but how you change makes all ... Read More

Use The Force (to destroy Diet Culture)

When I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I left the theatre feeling like glitter had exploded inside of me. A powerful, child-like awe had consumed me with a single, joyous determination: “I want to be like Rey when I grow up!” This must have been how a whole generation ... Read More
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