Well, it’s not December yet. But Thanksgiving is over so the holiday season can officially begin. It is time to fill the darkest days of the year with friends, light, food, and laughter. And, in true Super Squad style, geek holiday parties are the best parties. I rounded up the best items from ThinkGeek to throw a party that’s so much better than Yule Ball.

(No, I’m not jealous that I never got my Hogwarts Letter. Why do you ask?)

Purchases made through any of these links will provide a small commission to Superpowers Sold Separately, because now I have a kitten and I’m pretty sure her stomach is a bottomless pit. 


Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

Let everyone know the (Mario) Party is on at your house! This classic, pixel-style wreath will welcome your guests and set the mood. Regularly $19.99.


Twinkly String Lights – App Controlled

It may not be the secret app that lets you change the colors on the spire of One World Trade Center, but you can set the mood with these app controlled LED lights! Regularly $79.99

Poké Ball Serving Bowl Set

Gotta Snack Em All! You know you’re all playing Pokemon Let’s Go right now, anyways. Get the Eevee-ning off on the right foot with some snacks set up and ready to go!  Regularly $19.99

Planetary Glass Set

Mix up some drinks that are out of this world and make sure that Pluto gets some love too.  Regularly $39.99 (Or if you’re so inclined check out the Star Wars and Star Trek versions.)

Brain Specimen Coasters

It doesn’t take a genius to know you’ve gotta use a coaster with those drinks. Don’t want to leave any planetary rings on the furniture! Regularly $24.99

Chemist’s Spice Rack

Whether you’re prepping the meal ahead of time or passing the salt and pepper, this spice rack will give your kitchen the vibe of a mad scientist’s lair. After all, cooking is chemistry! Regularly $49.99

Disney 16 Piece Dinner Set

Set a magical dinner table for your guests! This ThinkGeek exclusive 16 piece set contains place settings for four, each with their own theme – Aladdin, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. Plus, the design is subtle enough that you can pull off this dinner set with the normal people in your life. Regularly $99.99

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Every year, my family hosts a holiday cookie decorating contest with our guests. (As part of the hosting family, I was never allowed to win.) Host your own Cookie Contest with these Star Wars cutters. Chewbacca is guaranteed winner because you know it’s unwise to upset a Wookie Cookie. Regularly $9.99


Superfight! Card Game

I love Cards Against Humanity as much as the next person, but sometimes you want a night without being reminded how awful we all can be. Enter Superfight! It’s like Pirates vs. Ninjas or Astronauts vs. Cavemen.  Pair  up Characters with Superpowers and argue about who would win. Regularly $34.99

Steven Universe Vinyl 4LP

Lastly, remember to put on some tunes that remind you why friendship is the most important thing in the world. Maybe if you turn this into a sleepover, in the morning you can have Together Breakfast. Regularly $54.99


How do you plan on Geeking the Holidays? If you need some recipe ideas, absolutely check out Monica over at Popcorner Reviews!

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