The first time I said I would do the Spartan Trifecta was 2016. I even planned an entire trip to Hawaii centered around doing the Beast at Kualoa Ranch. That year I was diagnosed with endometriosis and a lot of denial about how much my weight was slowing me down.

I still went to Hawaii, but I only ended up at the Ranch to pay a visit to the Jurassic Park sign.

2016 – Kualoa Ranch

Then, in 2017, I was already down 25 lbs and well on my way to getting in shape. 2017 is my year, I told myself. I had a friend who had planned out her trifecta and I was eager to do it with her.

Then snap-crackle-pop went my ACL, ironically, a week before I went back to Hawaii.

I opted for reconstruction surgery in May, knowing that I wouldn’t really be back to fighting shape until February 2018. Literally, fighting shape. That’s when my surgeon told me I could go to taekwondo competitions again.

Now, I’m staring 2018 down the barrel and ready to go.

How did I get into the Spartan Race?

Back in 2013, I worked the front desk at New York Sports Club, because I was broke and I got a free gym membership out of the deal. My shift involved getting up at 4:30 in the morning so I could be there by 5 and have the place open by 5:30.

For reference, Starbucks opened at six.

It wasn’t all bad. I lived in the area so I got the chance to meet my neighbors in a way I never had before, and I really got to feel like I was a part of starting their days — hopefully setting them up for a good one. I also got to hang with the personal trainers, who were basically living fitness goals.

One Way-Too-Early Monday morning, one of the trainers came in looking a bit banged up, but basically radiating satisfaction. She was all too excited to tell me she had done the Tough Mudder over the weekend — 12 full miles of mud and obstacles.

My mind was blown.

It seemed like something I was never going to be able to do. She told me if I wanted a place to start, I should try the Spartan Race because they had some shorter distances.
Considering I’d only ever done the Color Run at that point, shorter sounded good to me.

Tired of early mornings, I applied to become a membership consultant and got set up at the Park Slope location. My manager was an absolute badass — an ex-basketball player who was coaching her girlfriend to her first bikini competition.


I signed up. Schlepped out to CitiField on the 7 train, and embarked on a wild trek up and around the baseball stadium — bear-crawling under bungee cords, climbing walls, throwing javelins in the parking lot, and of course 30 burpees for every failed obstacle.

Even though I was out there on my own, there was a sense of shared struggle and accomplishment. No one was out there to put anyone else down, and there was always someone (sometimes in a Deadpool mask) there to give you a leg up when you needed it.

It embodied the spirit of the fitness world that I loved so much. You’re competing with yourself, and you surround yourself with people who are there to help you win.

As I crossed the finish line and grabbed the single best banana I had ever eaten in my life, I knew I was hooked.

Since that race, I’ve done two other stadium sprints, and one at Tuxedo Ridge Ski resort, and I am ready to take this to the next level.


What are my race plans for 2018?

Sprint: April 21, 2018 – CitiField
Super: Either June 23rd in Toronto or July 14th in Palmerton, PA
Beast: Either August 25th in Oahu or September 15th in Vermont.

I wanted to build in a little bit of flexibility since I didn’t know what the year was going to bring, so I have my Plan A’s and my Plan B’s, and if I need to look for Plan C I will.

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